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Home visits

Imagine that the carpet your home needs came looking for you?

Quite simply, we display the carpet of your dreams where it matters the most, in your home. We hear from you what you love, the colour scheme of your home and your budget.

We then carefully select the carpets matching what we believe will best suit your home. It can be time wasting searching for the right carpet in a shop, you may not know if it will match the interior design of your home and the salesmen could be giving the wrong advice or pressuring you to buy something you are not sure of.

We know what works and what does not. Don’t waste time at a carpet shop wondering if you are choosing the right carpet. Call us today

But we live in South Africa, I wont allow strangers to come into my home!

This is indeed very smart of you to think this way. Kurush Carpets respects your privacy and will first have a consultation with you before any dates are made. References are also freely given and venue names where Kurush Carpets has done exhibitions.

Will my house be left in a unorganized  mess after the showing?

No and no. We pride ourselves in keeping you, the client happy. Yes we will be arranging furniture (according to your instruction) to position our rugs so that you get the full experience of what the rugs does for you and your room. Afterwords the floor is swept or vacuumed and the furniture is replaced like it was before.

Do these services inflate the price of the carpets?

It is quite the opposite, we do not need to pay R80 000.00 per month because we rent a store in a mall, therefore we will always be cheaper than the rest even for our most finest carpets.

Why is this better than to go and buy carpets in a shop?

A hand-made Persian rug brings out the life of the room. And the only way to make sure you have the right rug, is to see it in that room. We hear from you what your taste is, the decor of your home, floor colour and a number of different key questions. We then bring loads of rugs matching your description and display them one for one until you are satisfied. This is a non obligatory visit.

Call us for a no-obligation and professional display.